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Things of Quality Have No Fear of Time.
Welcome to O'Shaughnessy Antiques

We are all doing great , Don and I have taken to retirement living well . Its been lots of fun to be home with our dogs and spend time together , getting to do fun things and have breakfast out now and again. 

We are still doing our appraisal work and have kept digital copies of appraisals we have done for personal and estate over the past few years . So if you need an updated appraisal or want a copy of your old one - please email us for them. osantiques@gmail.com

Our phone number is still the same , so when you call we will be right there to answer- but please understand , we switched the landline to a cell phone and due to so many "spam" callers - if we do not recognize your caller ID name or number we let it go to voicemail. PLEASE leave a VOICEMAIL if you need us. We will get right back to you. Thank you for understanding.

We have left early Owego antique co-op due to the distance and how hard it was for us to keep up.  We plan to be doing the Clute Park antique show with a bunch of neat merch to choose from- so if you are looking for a quality antique gift or would just like to drop by and say hi we'd love to see you. For dates and information on the show please feel free to email and we will give you the scoop! 

Keep your eyes out for monthly updates on our website - we will keep you up to speed on all that's happening. 

Take care ! 

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